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Drastically Improving Collections Performance While Significantly Reducing Costs? Welcome to POP Collect

POP Collect: Taking you to Best Practice Cash Collections
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Technology Overview

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Standard Features

Optimised Collections

Collections strategies optimised across customer segments, eliminating ineffective activities and and saving time.

Integrated Dispute Management

Integrated, one-click dispute management, to escalate disputes to the correct owner and get paid quicker.

Diary Auto-Scheduling

Next steps automatically added to your calendar,
according to event type and configured settings.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-enabled, prioritised collector to-do lists, enabling best-in-class utilisation and enhacing customer service.

Unrivalled Insights

Powerful, analytics, and visualisations give insights to understand and drive real performance improvement.

Automated Chasers

Configurable and transparent, segmented dunning strategies include automated chaser emails.

One-Click Activities

One-click record-keeping and follow-ups, wtih a catalogue of configurable templates for automated messaging.

Accurate, Automated Forecasting

Invoice-level historical customer payment analysis enables invoice-level cash-flow forecasting.

Document Management

Invoice-level historical customer payment analysis enables invoice-level cash-flow forecasting.



Robotic Process Automation

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Things We Know
You Value...

You need a product that more than pays for itself.  Once we get to know your business a little, we can tell you just how long the payback period should be for using POP Collect - often just a few months.

And another thing: all POP Collect features come as standard at no extra charge.

It's all about the detail.  The tools, workflows and visualisations we've built will take you to best-in-class cash performance.  We've been delivering incredible Order-to-Cash results for over ten years; we know what works, and how to deliver it.

That's a promise.

We don't do outdated, clunky or slow software.  If that's what you're after, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Each release goes through rigorous user experience testing, resulting in clean visuals, drillable down to each invoice, and easy to understand layouts that can be exported or printed off.

Accelerated, pain-free platform implementation is hard to come by with Order-to-Cash products.  We know, our team has been through many of them as clients, and have the scars to prove it!

POP is different. Talk to us to understand why.

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