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Asked Questions

Our main ERP is outdated and little known. Will you still be able to connect to it?

We haven't found a system yet we couldn't connect to and we don't plan on starting any time soon.  Because of the modern technology we use, we can confidently say that we can connect to anything.

We have real issues around data integrity and worry that the inputs will effect output quality. Will this still work?

We have decades of experience of working through client data line-by-line, understanding inconsistencies and errors and turning it into a cleansed, meaningful data set.

How often is our data refreshed?

This is up to you, but typically a daily refresh hits the spot nicely.

Is there a limit to the number of users we can have?

There isn't a practical limit to the number of users, and we don't charge by user, as we want more of your team to be able to see what's relevant to them, which means you can maximise performance without worrying about any increase in costs.

Can you work with our businesses around the world?

That's exactly what we do.  We have 10+ languages covered within the team and have long experience of working across borders, cultures, and jurisdictions, so you can trust us to deliver wherever you need us.

What is your typical payback period?

Of course this depends on the situation, what you'd like us to do for you, and other circumstances.  That said, we would typically expect full payback within just a few months, and guarantee you will be a satisfied customer.

How is it possible to save money, while improving collections performance?

This rests on two key pillars: (1) efficiencies brought about by well-designed workflows, including time-saving automation; and (2) AI-powered collections strategies, that enable activities to be much more effective in outcomes.  So you really can have your cake and eat it.

Do you need to implement the product face-to-face in our offices?

As POP Collect is a true SaaS product, we really can do everything as normal, remotely.  With video conferences, and online communications and document sharing, we can implement as effectively and promptly as ever to customers all around the globe.

With our existing software, initial set-up was confusing and the configuration is now fixed. How does this work with POP?

We can suggest configurations for you, once we've understood more about how your business works, but can equally configure entirely bespoke to your requirements.  You will have insights, as standard, to understand how effective your strategies are over time, and approved users can refine your configuration over time, with our help if required, to maximise effectiveness.

Can we talk to your existing customers for a reference?

For any qualified lead, we are very happy to provide contactable references before the purchase button is pressed.  And unlike many businesses, we don't need to be part of the conversation, so you can trust the feedback to be sincere.

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