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From the wheel to the iPhone, so many great inventions have occurred because of user frustration at inadequate products.  We’ve been using collections software for many years as Collectors, Credit Managers, and CFOs, and our user frustration got us thinking.

With our understanding of the Order to Cash process from an operational, consulting, and technological perspective, we believed we could create software like no other, so that’s what we’ve done.

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What We're All About

The POP vision

Our vision is to create tools that enable businesses to achieve best in class collections performance, every time.

We use the latest technologies to give the easiest to use, most powerful user experience available in the market.

And with multiple new features released every year, and remote updates with no disruption, we live by the satisfaction of our clients


Artificial Intelligence;
Not Just a Buzzword

There’s plenty of talk of Artificial Intelligence in the market – it has become the new buzzword.  But what does it really mean?

For POP, AI means:

  • on-the-fly customer segmentation, dynamically defining the dunning process for each customer, as behaviours and qualities evolve;
  • Daily prioritised to do lists for collectors to optimise results;
  • Dynamic calculation and drillable visualisation of event type effectiveness across customers and customer types; and
  • Proactive alerts for expected credit limit breaches, enhancing customer service while maximising revenue and cash.

Overlay this with an unrivalled suite of intelligent analytics and visualisations, and raising the bar of best-in-class becomes a reality.